Monday, July 04, 2005

Go To Sleep Sweetly

My fantasy
As I drift off to sleep

I’m lying snug in a sleeping bag
Out under the frozen black velvet sky
Billions of blinking stars stretch across the heavens

A woodfire near my bag
Tundra under my back from horizon to horizon

Flat expanse of white broken by trees behind me
Tall pines like sentinels at my back

I lie and gaze at the sky, my breath crystallizing above me

The silence, like eternity, full of the spirit, filled with His presence
And no other

I am alone………………..with the massive, elusive, invisible hovering Creator


I am seated on the side of a mountain
In the midst of soft green grass
Before me is a huge deep blue-black lake
Surrounded by snowy peaks

The sun sets behind the peak I face
Bathing the white and granite crags in violet

I wait for Him there.
He is all around,
But He will come so I can see
With His Hand outstretched for me

Sometimes, I am in my prime.
Blue jean clad and a white shirt, sleeves rolled up
Thin and striding the peaks
Breathing in deeply the crisp clean oxygen

In His Kingdom I will be the keeper of the forests
The protector of the winds
That will be His gift to me

No ruling of people for me
When He sits on His throne

I’ll be the keeper of the wild things
Sleeping in the branches of the tall trees

I’ll know how to speak to the birds, and no beast will run from fear of me
They will tell me of their history
Their dreams that can now be fulfilled

We will speak of eternity
The meaning of all of time that has passed

And we will be eternally at peace.


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