Tuesday, November 23, 2004

OK, So I Haven't Written in a While

I haven't felt like writing anything in here in a while. I don't have a maid and I have a house and a yard to take care of. I work full time - and I got the flu - not for a week, for a month. Sooooooo.....I've been a little preoccupied.

It's not like anyone reads this stuff anyway. But my husband has been bothering me about writing in here, so here I am.

To bring you up to date:
I'm glad George Bush has another 4 years. I really disliked Kerry intensely.

I have a new boss at work - but all is good.

I still hate developers and lawyers.

I still don't trust Muslims - any Muslims.

I'm still overweight, but, as I say all the time, "I'm working on it."

Idaho is looking better every day. Except I'd miss the tropical birds and the nice weather and the plants and flowers. But I wouldn't miss the people, the crowding, the neighborhood I live in or the heat in the summer - OR THE HURRICANES!!

OK - I'm done for now. See you "all" soon. Hee hee.


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