Sunday, September 05, 2004

A Little Poetry

I believe this with all my heart. No matter what our physical bodies say, we are eternally young and full of life. When we shed these useless shells, we shall see what we are truly capable of:

Deep inside
I don’t care how old I get
Is the 15 year old

It isn’t sex
It’s the Life Energy
That runs through the veins
The spiritual veins
The eternal veins

That was most real at 15.

The young body is just a symbol for
The eternally young spirit

That inhabits me.

That spirit will live forever
Forever 15 in zest, in flight.

How could anyone not believe
In the eternal soul

None of us are old
As our bodies are old

We are ourselves
And our bodies mock this self, aging
And decrepit.

I hope my body dies forcing
Itself to be young, against a heart that is all muscle and meat.

The heart will stop, freeing the trapped
Beauty within.

Then I can soar amongst the clouds that
Only threatened rain before.


Blogger Some Cranky Guy said...

Beautiful poetry. Awesome truth.

8:10 AM  

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