Monday, August 30, 2004


You just can't trust what you THINK are your loyal followers anymore.

MTV thought that the Kerry daughters would be a popular attraction since everyone knows that the MTV audience are all Democrats....

Well, surprise surprise!!

Evidently MTV got their demographics a little wrong - OR - they didn't count on the anger of those who just want to be entertained, having politics shoved down their throat with their fun.

If the Left doesn't have an agenda, if the Media isn't hand-in-glove with the Left and promoting that agenda ad infinitum.....I'm Santa Claus......and in case you have any doubts - I'm NOT Santa Claus


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched it live and was really surprised...the Hollywood elite there looked so confused. I didn't hear any booing for the Bush twins... I think the kids are sick of having all of this shoved down their throats --they were there to see Usher, not have the Kerry's telling them how they should vote. MTV should have had them just anounce nominees --so I guess they did misjudge their audience.

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