Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well, it is October 19, well past peak hurricane season here in South Florida, but no one told Wilma. She is officially, for a short time at least, the strongest ever recorded storm in the Atlantic Basin at 884 millibars (Gilbert, the old "contender, was 888). Winds sustained at 175 MPH and gusts at 213MPH......why am I not worried? Well, aside from the fact that the Lord promises to either protect me from OR go through with me, anything He lets in the door.......there is a cold front that will shear Wilma down by the time it gets here. Now, how much shear? I'm voting for SO MUCH shear that it's the STRONGEST SHEAR EVER RECORDED. I'm voting (if I'm allowed) for the cold front, whose time in the season is coming into it's own, to "win" over Wilma, who, as a hurricane, is coming to the end of it's season - and is actually being rude and pushing itself into Cold Front's territory. SO - the Cold Front will mess up Wilma so much it becomes a Tropical Storm, drops lots of rain (a nice amount before the dry season sets in), and then rushes out to the Atlantic and death. The bonus is that Mr. Cold Front chases Wilma so fast, he advances over Florida himself, bringing drier and cooler temperatures. Wilma dies in ignominy. That's my forecast - and I'm praying real hard for it.


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