Saturday, October 15, 2005

Our second cat is Buster. After our daughter left for college - and initially took Neko with her, we were lonely for a kitty. So we went to the local Humane Society and picked out a pretty little orange-nosed male named inappropriately "Todd". The name did NOT fit him at ALL. After a few days, we realized his name was Buster. He started out very timid, hiding behind pillows on our bed. He fit in the palm of one of my husband's hands. He is the king kitty now. He has adopted my husband as his favorite. He follows him everywhere. He needs "rubbies" MANY times a day - often in the middle of the night. And he'll step on you, poke you and meow at you until he gets said rubbies. His purrs could wake up the neighbors. His favorite trick is to sit on the night table next to my husband's side of the bed - and stare at him, purring. If my husband puts a pillow over his head, Buster will poke at it and peek underneath as if to ask, "what are you doing under there, dad?" To show just how sick we are, my hubbie calls Buster, "son" and "honey". Oh yeah - we're normal. He defends Buster at all times, even in Buster's most bratty stages, and often tells me things that Buster has said like, "Buster told me he doesn't like the air conditioning too cold." Ok. Sure. Buster IS a very loving, easy-going cat. No chasing feather dusters for him. He is into serious work. Blue collar work. He patrols our house for lizards all night long. Often over our bodies, using our faces for a hoist up onto the window sill on a quest for.....lizards. Outside. Where he can't get them anyway. Buster is seriously into rubbies. He has his own patented rubbie station. It is a big, wire brush about 2 feet long, bent into a "U" shape and fastened on each end to a piece of wood covered with carpet. That's "base". If you are playing with Buster - and he runs to this little piece of cat furniture - in his head he's "safe". A few Buster favorites. Fresh grass. He eats fresh grass. Lizard chasing - especially at night - especially through the windows over our bed. Rubbies - all rubbies, all the time. All of our cats like to be scratched on the belly - I've never heard of that before, but our cats are weird. As far as inter-cat relations, Buster is the arbitrator. He doesn't get involved, but once he does, his is the ultimate rule. Sometimes he belts Neko for belting Squeebles. Sometimes he growls at Squeebles for being too playful. Sometimes he ignores them all and goes to bed.


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