Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hey! How About That Apocalypse!!

New Orleans seems to be drowning. Along with too many of it's residents - and let's not forget the Mississippi coast and part of the Alabama coast, too.

The worst scenario - doomsday has come, it appears. The levees have broken - not during the storm, but after everybody had already passed their hands over the foreheads and uttered, "phew, we MADE it." Certainly cruel, if you ask me.

The news footage is like watching some old newsreel from WWII - the devastation, the "oh, this is going to get worse," knowledge. And now the worst elements of New Orleans society - the prisoners and those who would take the opportunity not just to loot, but to shoot anyone who tries to stop them - are running wild throughout what's left of the city.

I've read it's like Sodom and Gomorrah, it's the apocalypse it seems, for a big part of America.

I've made a few donations, but I'd really like to pack up my car, and drive as close as I could get - and just offer myself......here - I want to help. Someone. Anyone. What can I do?

Why don't the cruise lines send some ships in there - and let the helicopters who are rescuing rooftop victims, drop them on the ships instead of the Superdome, which also must be evacuated.

It seems to me that the US government must get on the ball immediately. Get all the helicopters in the US down there ASAP, continue rescuing all they can - and get them all out of there on cruise ships.


Blogger pete porter said...

Blue Boobs,
It is a great tradgedy. There is wisdom in heeding a warning. The word says to submit to those in authority. The Mayor of New Orleans ordered an evacuation of the area. And others in authority in other areas. Only those who heard and obeyed were removed from physical danger. Yes, the property and things left behind would be lost or damaged, but lives would be spared. At this point asigning blame is useless. This calamity is now heightened by people refusing wise counsel. Noah had this problem with the people of his day. Of this one thing I am sure, NO ONE can blame God. Man is responsible to heed God's servants.
Be Blessed,

9:48 PM  
Blogger Suze said...

Well said, Pete.

5:38 AM  

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