Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Buh Bye Job

I guess I can write this here - I mean where else could I?

This past year since the old director left where I work - and the new one has come - has been hell.

I've worked at the same place for 12 years. I've built up a great reputation, people come to me because I "know everything".

And this has been blown to bits. Starting last year. The new guy in town decided he wanted to clean house. His evil secretary is the same. So between the two of them they have ruined the lives of a whole lot of people. Demote someone a few pay grades down? For no reason? Why not? Hey - it's fun to have unlimited power!! Make someone's working life hell by taking away any help they previously had, piling more work on them - and then when help is given, it is the village idiot. What fun!! What entertainment!

I have now arrived to the "next" position in the lifeboat. Before me, I watched other fellow workers get thrown to the sharks......and knew my time would come. And now it has. I've been set up wonderfully. In April, take away my assistant, who does Accounts Receivable for me. Tell me I have to make do on my own. I already have 1 1/2 jobs - so now I have 2 1/2. Oh - and this is because money must be saved. Yeah.

Then proceed to hire a couple dozen new assistants, but none for me.

I could go on and on.

The building is painted. My office is the only office not painted. After all, the new owner might want a different color than the one I picked.

I've been at this desk for 12 years. So what? What's loyalty, what's reward for hard work.

There are so many systems and procedures I've set in place - titles I've given to things (that didn't have titles before) that are now officially called by that title. I've contributed so very much - and it's been stolen, I've been job-raped, and they are asking me to bend over and ask for more.

Until June.

Then I can stand up and leave.

Which is what they've been dying for since they came.

For no reason. The director knows I have an excellent reputation - he's told me so himself. They haven't been able to get rid of me because of work - even though under the workload I have now, I am falling way behind - and making mistakes.

I've been told that my job title is being given to someone else, either a new hire - or, I suspect, the buddy of the directors' secretary. At that point, I can either leave - or accept a demotion - down 2 pay grades.

Because I've done what? Gotten a bad evaluation? Nope - this very director gave me an excellent evaluation. Because I've broken rules? I'm one of the best employees they've got. Maybe that's the problem.

So, at 50 years of age, in a system where my job level is scarce as hen's teeth, so switching to another part of the system to keep my pay is pretty much impossible - where do I go???

What do I do with my retirement? If I leave the system, I won't be able to continue to build on it.

I'm just so completely bummed. I should fight. But I haven't regrouped enough yet to do that.

I found out by accident about this plan to replace me. When I confronted the director, he point blank, and very nicely, I might add - told me he was "not prepared to offer me the position" - one which I already hold! WTF???? Oh - and by the way, I'm not REALLY the title that goes with my pay grade, that's just a convenient number - no - that IS my title, buddy.

It's a cold world out there folks. Let me tell you - no one else cares. They look at me as I'm pushed out of the boat and say, "gee, sorry" as they nervously try to back away from the edge themselves. If you even hint that something like this might be happening to you, suddenly you are anathema - no one wants to be near you in case the plague you've gotten might rub off on them.

Meanwhile. you work, because you need the paycheck. While you are now being left out of all loops. You are told nothing - you find out all changes by accident - especially the ones that impact what you do. Each time, it's like a slap in the face. Some helpful person comes to your office and says. "did you hear?" and of course, you haven't - even though it's part of your responsibilities.

I guess I just can't acclimate to the fact that I'm being slowly stripped of everything and propelled toward the door.

I know I need to get the resume together and look for another job. I know I need to talk to a union rep and find out what, if any, my options are.

But right now, I'm just rolled up in a fetal ball. I hurt. I've been betrayed. I'm a loyal and good worker who is being royally fucked over.



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