Sunday, August 07, 2005

Irresponsible Buying

Oh yeah. We found a charge card we could use. Yeah. We used to have a sofabed - had it for maybe 10 years. It was great while I had it. It was black vinyl, and it wore perfectly. It looked new until the dog pissed on it enough to make it permanently stink - and then we threw it out. We put it out front and hoped someone poorer and clever with cleaning products could make it usable. It looked good - it just smelled bad. Someone took it - the next day it was gone.

My poor little beagle got so old she couldn't control her bladder and she would wet where she lay. Finally, when she, blind and disoriented at night, seemed to forget who we were - my wonderful husband took her to be put down. I couldn't bear it. We both cried.

And got rid of the couch she slept on for years - even at the end when we lifted her onto it.

So - back to the credit card.
We're maxed here. I raised a child alone for years and came into our marriage with LOTS of nice hefty debt. My husband's ex took whatever they had and ran with it. But we are SO blessed - I love him SO much and he loves me. And yes - you know what - we DO live on love.

And paycheck to paycheck. So here we are. We are making regular payments on our debt, responsibly. We know we'll get out from under.

We have no couch, just various treasured chairs from garage sales. When friends visit, it's not so comfortable.

So we broke down. We went to a furniture store and bought - gasp - a NEW sofa and big fat, comfy chair with a big, fat comfy ottoman.

We're going to read together in the living room, with Christmas lights draped over our bookcases and candles lit. On our new sofa and chair that is SO beautiful.

AND I bought a new set of king size sheets - the same ones week after week were getting a little old.

AND we bought some other "stuff" my hubby wanted me to have - like an IPOD, so I can exercise with plenty of music pouring into my ears.

Then we put the card into mothballs.

Hey - we could be incinerated next week by the next Al Queda idiocy.....

But meanwhile, the Lord has given me, a person who has made so many mistakes in life it's pitiful, the grace of the best man on earth. One who loves Him and loves me. There is nothing better on the planet - I'm telling you, in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

Being Christian DOES have it's perks. I swear.

By the way - DON'T use credit if you aren't in debt. Don't get INTO debt in the first place. I am NOT advocating the irresponsible use of credit. The business bastards are just waiting to get you into their debt snare so they can have you by the balls for life. Be prudent. Save - don't be ruled by instant gratification - and you'll be the BEST for it.

As my husband says - PEACE OUT, PEOPLE!!!


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