Saturday, October 15, 2005


We have three cats. The first cat we "acquired" is Neko. A Japanese word that guessed it....."cat". My daughter, like so many of her generation, is into Japanese anime. Neko is a black and white whose most common facial expression is "Oh My God". That's why we call him the "oh my God cat". He is a cat that needs therapy. He has angst. He is Goth. He has issues. He is jealous of the third cat, Squeebles. In fact, he often walks up to Squeebles, stares at him with slit-eyed evil intent (Squeebles usually squints in preparation) and then launches a lightning quick BAP to Squeebles head - just on general principles. Then he continues on his way, satisfied. He has a running hate-fest with Squeebles. When Neko meows, it is a high pitched, "I'm SO depressed, please LOVE me" meow, whiney, yet with subtle overtones of demand. Then he throws himself down on the rug just out of reach of your arm - and stares at you accusingly until you get down next to him and pet him. Usually, just as you get down on the floor, he jumps up and heads to the kitchen, hoping you will hoist yourself up OFF the floor you just got down on - and follow him. He hasn't learned yet after countless "forget it, Neko's" that you are NOT going to follow (and give him some tube stuff - explanation to follow".


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