Sunday, October 16, 2005

Oh Yeah - Tube Stuff

I forgot - I promised to explain what "tube stuff" is. It is this disgusting, supposedly salmon flavored (I'M NOT trying it to test) brownish substance in a tube that we buy from Publix. It is supposed to help with fur balls. Whatever. Whenever I go into the kitchen, Neko jumps on the part of the counter over the drawer where the "tube stuff" is kept and Squeebles jumps up on his hind legs and bats at me with one of his free front paws - begging PULLEASE, for some tube stuff. They even know the name, "tube stuff". If they are hiding and I want to get them out the phrase "tube stuff" yelled loud enough and from the proper position in front of the appropriate drawer, will suffice.

Buster does NOT like tube stuff. He prefers mainline cat treats, thank you. And no people food for him, either. Although, I discovered him furtively licking a fork that had been used for fishing out green olives from a jar......what the????


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