Friday, October 21, 2005

Children in Adult Bodies

I'm thinking that most adults are really just little kids in adult bodies. Take the way they act, for example. The best place to observe this is at work - interpersonal relations. My mother was a grade school teacher - and she always said she could see what personalities the little rugrats would exhibit as adults. She could tell the catty females, the prissy misses, the bullies, the golden hearts, the heroes......

I'm just saying that, in a reverse kind of way, if you look closely at an adult, you can still see the grade school child inside. You can imagine how he/she might have acted at that age, because they STILL do!!

Take my cousin's boss, for example. Let's say he's manager of business "X". As manager, his management skills are zilch. He assumes everyone steals all the time. He assumes the worst about everyone. Everyone is out to get him, as far as he is concerned (which turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy - he makes everyone dislike him). He is a very legalistic sort. Follows ALL the rules ALL the time - no humor, no room for grey areas. Anyone who isn't as priggish and legalistic as he is, is automatically consigned to the ninth level of hell in his mind - and at their jobs under him. His only humor is exhibited when he can laugh at the misfortunes of someone else - or their foibles, because of course, he is perfect and has none.

So, as a grade school child - what would he have been like? The thin-lipped kid with the perfectly combed hair, parted on the side that sits in the corner making careful arrangement of all his blocks. He's Little Lord Fauntleroy, mommy's best boy in his own mind all the time. Let someone come over and touch one of those blocks and the REAL monster comes out. Shrieks and fisticuffs, crying and tattling ensue - by Momma's baby to the teacher. And all the other child wanted to do was participate or help. If the Little Perfect Man sees anyone breaking a rule, he is first to the teacher's desk with a report. He is great in his own little mind and everyone else is stupid. Momma lets him know that "no one is as wonderful as he is." In short, a total brat with a mean streak a mile wide - and someone NO ONE wants to play with EVER.

So he grows up and becomes a manager. Over poor benighted employees. Where he can wreak his brand of stupidity disguised as "Good Citizenship" all day every day.

What kind of grade school child were you?

I was the kind that loved to play outdoors, didn't have patience for WAITING for things, didn't follow rules I didn't like (until I found the consequences worse) - and I thought I knew everything.....I still have my kindergarten evaluation. It's a RIOT. I haven't changed either. Ask my parents - ask my sisters.....ask my husband. It's true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so true. Watch people around their parents and siblings, they will turn into a child right in front of you.

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