Sunday, December 18, 2005

Did You Ever Wake Up With a Joke On Your Tongue?

I did. The other day. My husband woke me up, I sat up in bed, still mostly in dreamland, and remembered that I had been telling this lame joke to people in the dream. Here is the joke. I believe I have made this one up - and it is LAME-O!!

What do you call an important business cow? (Oh yeah - something we all ponder - remember, I DREAMED this - it was totally out of my conscious power).

A mooer and a shaker. Yeah. That's the punch line.

Instead of "mover and shaker".

Don't ask me where THAT tidbit came from in my brain! I have no idea.

When I told my husband, he said it wasn't bad......but how weird is it to dream something like that?

Now WHY couldn't I be telling someone of my WINNING lotto numbers instead? Wake up, remember them, play them - and win? No - it has to be a dumb joke. Sheesh

Friday, December 02, 2005

Ya Can't Keep 'Em Down on the Farm When They've Been to Ole' Paree

This story
about a cat that wandered off into a paper factory, curled up into a box - and then was shipped to France - is too good to miss.

I can just picture Emily's home-coming, as she joins her neighborhood kitty friends on her first day back.

"Hey, where ya been? Fritz's Fish Fry down the street has been throwing out the BEST snapper! Let's go down to the dumpster now and check it out!!

"Excuuuuuse me? Fritz's? Bah!! (a word learned in France) I only eat escargot. I've been travelling you know. I think I'm going to move on up to New York City - maybe hang near Sardi's. Or perhaps I should move south and enjoy the warm breezes of the Gulf for the winter."

"You'se is gotten too fancy fer the likes of us, Emmy - we're off to Fritz's - seeya around."

"Not if I see YOU first.....REALLY, how COULD I have lived HERE???"