Sunday, December 18, 2005

Did You Ever Wake Up With a Joke On Your Tongue?

I did. The other day. My husband woke me up, I sat up in bed, still mostly in dreamland, and remembered that I had been telling this lame joke to people in the dream. Here is the joke. I believe I have made this one up - and it is LAME-O!!

What do you call an important business cow? (Oh yeah - something we all ponder - remember, I DREAMED this - it was totally out of my conscious power).

A mooer and a shaker. Yeah. That's the punch line.

Instead of "mover and shaker".

Don't ask me where THAT tidbit came from in my brain! I have no idea.

When I told my husband, he said it wasn't bad......but how weird is it to dream something like that?

Now WHY couldn't I be telling someone of my WINNING lotto numbers instead? Wake up, remember them, play them - and win? No - it has to be a dumb joke. Sheesh


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