Tuesday, October 25, 2005

2nd Night as Pioneers

Here I am again on the jury-rigged laptop. Nice and cool outside, smell of gas fumes from the grill in the back yard making my hot tea. Yes - I chose NOW to get the flu. I'm no better, so tomorrow I think we have to find a medical facility so I can get an antibiotic and get better. Meanwhile, it's candles, flashlights, cold water (I WANT a hot bath!!) and waiting. Plus I can't surf the net.......just a few moments on the essentials and then it's back to the 1800's. I feel like Abe Lincoln, but thank GOD I don't look like him....then I'd have some serious problems, especially since I'm female....but I digress. And as I digress, I close. Adieu, dear friends, adieu.....


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