Tuesday, November 01, 2005


This ain't Louisiana or the Gulf Coast, for heaven's sake!! We had a low Cat 3 storm and our neighborhood has no home damage - all the branches are cleaned up, no wires down. But the neighbors across the street have power for 2 days now - and we still don't. Meanwhile, FPL says that they'll work hard the next 36 hours, but after that, it will take much longer. If they weren't a monopoly, it would be nice. Maybe a little competition to get these lines on and electricity running - maybe it would encourage a better protected service. The cold weather has long gone - at least it's not sunny today - but it's damp and rainy and humid. I have a mound of clothes to wash the size of Chicago - and I'm stubbornly waiting for the power to go back on so I can do it in my own washer. I'm SO OVER THIS!! I'm still thankful we didn't have home damage and that the storm wasn't worse. BUT I'm not thankful that we still live here after 10 years of trying to figure out a way to move - and not being able to do so. GRRRRRR. I'm downright cranky.


Anonymous Robert said...

Never trust what Florida Plunder and Loot tells you. That is the worst utility I've ever had to deal with ... and I've lived quite a few places.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Suze said...

Figures. There were 5 FPL trucks in front of our house yesterday - did we get power? Nope. It's Thursday and still no power. I'm sure hoping to move away from Florida this year!!

7:18 AM  

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