Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tough Times on the Job Front

Last Friday I got a nasty, but not totally unexpected surprise. I was told to vacate my office so someone else could move in. I knew I was moving, but I THOUGHT I had to train someone first. Turns out a replacement HAS been hired, but won't start for another few weeks - AND no one else can do the job until the new person has been trained at the home office and given a proper password.

So my boss jumped the gun. Moved me out, but has no replacement. Since this new boss has come onboard a little over a year ago, I've gone from being top dog to being shit wiper upper. Less than that - I'm treated like a criminal - and I know that by June, the skids will have been greased enough to slide me right out the door. Now I understand wanting to put your own people in, but this has been the nastiest, most vindictive, most "I'm real friendly, but don't turn your back" thing I've ever seen. I've READ about this happening to others, but nothing has the flavor like when it happens to you. Wow, you think, do people really act this way? Do they REALLY do this stuff? And the answer is an unqualified "yup". I did this job for 10 years, have an EXCELLENT reputation, never had any write-ups, had awesome evaluations each and every year - and now I'm lower than piss. To come to work thinking "normal day" - and thinking that when the replacement comes, I'll be expected to train - and THEN move.......well, these lovely souls had something more surprising in store.

Move from an office of my own to a desk that has been used as storage in a common office area with other workers. These workers are wonderful, after working amongst the snakes - but still. My desk has no computer, no equipment. It's just a place to sit. And - since the new dept. didn't anticipate my so soon arrival - there's nothing for me to do but stare at the wall. Interesting. Oh how the mighty have fallen, you say - and you'd be right.

So, of course, I'm looking around for another job. I have been, but I'm at the top of my particular area's salary scale - and those jobs are few and far between.

My husband and I would like to move away from Florida anyway - far North Florida is more appealing - but even moreso is the Northwest. I have family out there - my daughter moved to Colorado last year - and I have a brother in the far Northwest.

But my parents are quite old and they live here in Florida - a bit farther north than myself, but still, in Florida. My sister also lives here - she and I are not close, and she visits my parents a lot more than I do.......but I'm torn.

It looks like the door is shutting on the South Florida chapter, and I'm certainly not sorry about THAT - I haven't wanted to live here since my ex husband moved me here in 1979. He doesn't even live here anymore.

Soooooooo - lets see where the shit falls after it hits the fan, euphemistically speaking......


Blogger Askinstoo said...

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11:16 PM  
Blogger HeyJules said...

My first visit here...How refreshing!

In answer to your question "Do people really ACT like this?"

Umm, yeah, they do. Totally bites, doesn't it? Totally.

I'll be back to read more, I'm sure. In the meantime, aren't you glad you're NOT one of those types of people? Bet you money your next job will be as a supervisor and you'll now know exactly what NOT to do.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Suze said...

Thanks for stopping by! I used to supervise people before this goofball took over and removed me. I was well liked - everyone wanted to work for me, as opposed to the other supervisors. I'm not worried though. What goes around comes around - and I'm VERY glad I would never treat anyone as these people have. It's a learning experience - and although sometimes it gets me down, at other times, it's almost an adventure.

10:28 AM  

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