Thursday, November 03, 2005

If This is Thursday, We Still Must Not Have Power

5 FPL trucks later - all parked in our street last night - AND 2 FPL guys in our back yard - and here it is the next morning.....still no power. Pioneer Woman is definitely getting testy. I did manage to get out in the front yard yesterday and weed and clean EVERYTHING up - it looks nice out there now. Perfect for selling!!! Hopefully we'll get power before we try to sell in January, but I'm not counting my chickens....

For the past week I've had the WEIRDEST dreams I've EVER had - like watching movies in my head. I wonder if the generators have a hidden message in the motor or something. That constant drone must do something.

I'm actually drooling when I think of living someplace like, say, Ohio. Where people who don't know any better drool about living in Florida. Ohio - where the worst disaster is the smell of old cooking building up in the house come February. Hey! I'm not afraid to open windows in freezing weather for a few hours to air out. Problem solved. Disaster over. Sigh. Plain old ordinary, vanilla Ohio. No reputation for tornadoes, I wouldn't live near enough to a big river to worry about major flood.....I've lived through blizzards as a kid - piece of cake compared to hurricanes!!


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