Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The World Is An Emptier Place

I just finished reading about Rob Smith's death. God, he was such a fighter. How about these immortal words from Grouchy Old Cripple - "He always played above his weight." The commenter who said those words should go on Rob's tombstone was right. He was one well-loved man by everyone who visited his blog. Yes, he was feisty and outspoken - so what? He was honest and you don't find that these days anywhere. He said his daddy was a Tall Dog and he always wanted to be one - I know he was one.

He has been immortalized at Day by Day cartoon, by Chris Muir. He was a Hemingway and he DID have the charm - ask any lady who met him.

What gets me is that I've never met him or spoken to him - yet, when I heard he had passed, I surprised myself by starting to cry. I understood that underneath the crusty exterior was a diamond - I loved to read about his garden and the vegetables he looked forward to eating. He got dive-bombed by mockingbirds out in his garden recently - and he admired the mother mockingbird because she was just trying to protect her babies - that's a man after my own heart. I loved to read his stories about his mother and father, and how he loved his mother. I hated to read about his cut-off relationship with his son - it was too painful.......HOW could his ex-wife deny him his son - a man's son, for God's sake.

I still can't believe I won't be able to read his blog posts anymore.....it's a very sad day.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yay for Justice!

FINALLY!! Some justice for the people and not for the lousy developers and lawyers. Tough shit, Mayor Guilianti - you can buy some more stuff for yourself with the payoff from Charles "Chip" Abele, a.k.a., developer - on another deal - this one ain't going through. HA HA HA HA HA!!!

In my experience, which is vast, I tell you - anyone with a name, a nickname and a surname is a gangster. For example, "Lucky" Louie Amontado (I made that up, but it's typical - the only difference is the nickname is in front) or Joey "Fists" DeVito. You get the picture. So, "Chip", ole boy, go take a flying........you get the drift......and take the Mayor with you.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Freakin Muslims Are At It Again

I read this article in the Sun Sentinel this morning. Since the Muslim worlds' stated desire is to take over the world; since we are the Great Satan to them; since they import their hatred to our shores through teaching at mosques - I say do NOT cave in - don't let them build their mosque in your neighborhood. First off, where is the money coming from to rebuild? I bet it's coming from off of our shores. The store owners that no one likes - their profits get sent back to the Mideast to fund terrorism.

The Muslim religion says it's ok to lie and twist things:
"This is really shocking, and for it to come from a commissioner, it's really disturbing," said Imam Hasan Sabri, spiritual leader of the Islamic Center. "We should be working to bring people together and not create divisions among people."

Oh yeah - THAT'S rich - because Muslims try to bring people together.....dead people maybe. People after they've been slaughtered - they're all thrown into a communal grave - in that way I suppose you could say they bring people together. This is a good example of how they move to a country and use that country's laws against the country's inhabitants - and to further their own cause. Anyone who believes that this Hasan Sabri really means what he says should go get a brain transplant. Oh - and he's the Imam, right?

If this thing goes through, let's all attend a "service" at the mosque, IF we are allowed to do such a thing - and check out the "sermon".......I'll bet Mr. Sabri changes his tune then, and we see the real deal. Regardless - I don't care if this just happens to be the only good mosque filled with the only wonderful Muslims in the world. I hope this black community stays together and sticks it to the interlopers. The next logical step would be to send them all back to whichever lovely Middle Eastern country they came from.......I'd help pay for THAT.

I also noticed that the land was purchased in a predominantly black Christian community. The Muslims know that there is prejudice in this country. They know that black people have less power in the community - so that's where they buy land. When it comes to building their mosque, they know the people in power aren't going to give a damn. If they had bought in a rich white neighborhood, say, in Palm Beach, they'd never get the thing built, I'm thinkin'.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

OMG My Cats Are TOO Cute

Squeebles and Junior Beans - Junior Beans is the white and orange one. Squeebles likes to sleep with me like this also, but he wraps himself around my arm. He is my lovey boy. Aren't they unbearably adorable? Sigh.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wanna Get Scared?

This stuff scares the you-know-what out of me. And this. And this
Brigitte Gabriel and her family lived in a crater underground for 10 years, after having lived a comfortable and prosperous life. Why? Muslims became a majority in their country of Lebanon. Ms. Gabriel says that the present Muslim revolution, a.k.a. Muslims trying to take over the world, began in Lebanon, not Iran in 1979. Before Iran. I remember when Lebanon was at war. I believed the news that it was a civil war. Not so - it was Muslim crap. All it took was more Muslims than anyone else in the country - and presto - instant horror and misery.

And President Bush is making deals with these people?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hello, It's Friday

Just letting the world know that I'm not miserable EVERY day. Today is Friday, I'm getting ready for work. I should have a semi-busy day with enough projects to keep me busy, yet not nuts. Then, it's Friday afternoon.

On the negative side (you KNEW I had to put SOMETHING negative in here) - I usually have all these rosy dreams about The Weekend and all I will accomplish. I'm going to start a really serious Bible study regimen (I promise myself this pretty much every day). I'm going to weed the whole yard until the place looks gorgeous. I'm going to clean the house - and then light all the candles and plug in the Christmas lights (yes, I have Christmas lights up all year round. With a depressive personality like mine, I NEED them). Then Friday afternoon hits. I come home - the vista of all I want to accomplish is in front of me - and I sit down and fall asleep. Sometimes I actually DO some of the things I meant to. Usually I just end up cleaning and doing laundry, which seems to me SO useless because I'm just gonna do it again in a few days. It's something I want to get out of the way - restore order from chaos - before I attempt any OTHER jobs. And usually by the time I'm done cleaning and doing laundry, my back is killing me and all I want to do is sit down. Okay, you say - then you can do the Bible study. Nope. Because I'm also tired after all the cleaning and laundry - so I inevitably fall asleep.

On that note, I'm off to work, after which I'll come home and ........ enjoy my weekend, whatever I end up doing.

I think we may be buying a new fridge this weekend. Stay tuned for the excitement.

By the way - if you wonder whether I have any opinions about the news, or am I just wrapped up in my own little world....yes, I do. I hate the news. The world sucks. We're all gonna die - maybe sooner, maybe later. Them there's my opinions. Covers it all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Kittens....And Mama Kitty

I hate this planet. I hate the rules here. Animals suffer. People suffer. Since the kittens in the back yard would only grow up to be four big bird killers, along with their mama, we had to take them (the kittens) to the Humane Society. My husband caught them this morning.

The kittens need care anyway. They had fleas and ear mites and I know they had hookworms because the mother - the same mother of Junior Beans, who had hookworms - has them.

Their eyes, when I could get close to them, looked sad, as if they already know what they have been born into. Yes, they cavorted all over my back yard, climbing my tree stumps that have bird feeders on them. But their eyes were not like the eyes of my four pet cats. Always wary, and when I would speak softly to them, sad.

Their mother is a whole other story. She is a small cat - probably not long out of kittenhood herself. Her eyes are like a beaten refugee's eyes. Wary, always wary - and unutterably sad.

All I could do is feed them. So I put out dry Iam's kitten food and cans of good cat food, too. I made sure they had water - and I occasionally slipped kitty vitamins into their food. But like all good things on this piece of shit planet, the food got covered with flies, in between being eaten - and even though I put the food in the shade, as the sun moved across the sky, eventually the food would sit in the sun, too.

Since I already have 4 indoor cats, there is no way I can take anymore - so that was out of the question. We agonized before adopting her last lone litter baby - Junior Beans.

So this morning while I was out, my husband caught the 4 little babies. For now, they have each other. They were taken to the best option we could find - the Humane Society. I don't even want to think about if they are found to be sick - they will be euthanized. And I hate to think of them being separated - but who will take 4 kittens? And, realistically, once kittens get older, they are single animals, not prone to family ties from kittenhood any longer, anyway. I also hate to think of them being adopted by someone who just wants to give Little Johnny a new toy to play with, until he gets bored.

I hate this planet. I hate the human beings who have made it shit. I hate the fact that sin has changed all the good to bad. The fact that animals hunt other animals and kill them.

Just a little while ago, after having cried myself out over the kittens, missing their little bodies peeking out from various bushes and stumps in the back yard, missing how they climbed up to the bird bath to drink (even though they have a nice big dish of fresh water) - I was sitting on the porch. I was feeling better, eating my lunch. Then I saw mama kitty. We want to catch her to have her spayed - and then return her here to live out her life. So the cage is back out and there is food in there. She cautiously entered the cage and ate. No problem. Then, like a good mother, she came out of the cage and called her babies. Faint, little repetitive meows carried on the air from back by the gate she and her kittens used to climb under - to me on the porch. I'd heard her do this before - and soon, little heads would peek under the gate, followed by four little tumbling bodies ready to eat.

I couldn't stand it. She kept calling and no one, of course, was coming. I immediately starting bawling all over again and tried to go out and explain it to her. I approached her and she watched me - and I tried to explain, if she could understand somehow the tone of my voice, that her babies aren't here anymore. Stupid, I guess. Sentimental, for sure. She just looked at me, waited for me to go back inside - and proceeded to continue calling for her babies.

This. planet. sucks.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Did I Mention I Abhor Developers?

I wanted to use a different word than "hate", since I use that one so much. Here's reason #564398 why I detest developers. Oh - and note the Italian last name of the developer. Interesting, isn't it how stereotypes are SO accurate. So let's sum this one up - we have the Mafia involved in South Florida development - I'm shocked I tell you.....shocked and dismayed. Well, not really. If there's crime and greed, then usually the scum of the earth are gathered right nearby ready to pounce - and that would include the Mafia, as well as other sundry scum. Also note the developer's lawyer, ready to defend his snow white reputation. Another type of pond scum, lawyers.

And then there's Ken Jenne himself. Of COURSE he's been doing illegal things involving - gasp - money. But why single him out? How about investigating every single politician in South Florida, from local to state. They're all doing the same thing - bending over, pants down to whoever puts the most money in their pockets. It's the South Florida way.

That's why South Florida is pretty much a very large concrete slab with some non-native, scraggly houseplants dotted around. Oh - and a few palm trees. Ya gotta have palm trees.

Personally, I'd like to see those nice straight palm trees put to good use - up politicians, lawyers and developers arses.......the palm frond part would have a nice roto-rooter effect.