Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Freakin Muslims Are At It Again

I read this article in the Sun Sentinel this morning. Since the Muslim worlds' stated desire is to take over the world; since we are the Great Satan to them; since they import their hatred to our shores through teaching at mosques - I say do NOT cave in - don't let them build their mosque in your neighborhood. First off, where is the money coming from to rebuild? I bet it's coming from off of our shores. The store owners that no one likes - their profits get sent back to the Mideast to fund terrorism.

The Muslim religion says it's ok to lie and twist things:
"This is really shocking, and for it to come from a commissioner, it's really disturbing," said Imam Hasan Sabri, spiritual leader of the Islamic Center. "We should be working to bring people together and not create divisions among people."

Oh yeah - THAT'S rich - because Muslims try to bring people together.....dead people maybe. People after they've been slaughtered - they're all thrown into a communal grave - in that way I suppose you could say they bring people together. This is a good example of how they move to a country and use that country's laws against the country's inhabitants - and to further their own cause. Anyone who believes that this Hasan Sabri really means what he says should go get a brain transplant. Oh - and he's the Imam, right?

If this thing goes through, let's all attend a "service" at the mosque, IF we are allowed to do such a thing - and check out the "sermon".......I'll bet Mr. Sabri changes his tune then, and we see the real deal. Regardless - I don't care if this just happens to be the only good mosque filled with the only wonderful Muslims in the world. I hope this black community stays together and sticks it to the interlopers. The next logical step would be to send them all back to whichever lovely Middle Eastern country they came from.......I'd help pay for THAT.

I also noticed that the land was purchased in a predominantly black Christian community. The Muslims know that there is prejudice in this country. They know that black people have less power in the community - so that's where they buy land. When it comes to building their mosque, they know the people in power aren't going to give a damn. If they had bought in a rich white neighborhood, say, in Palm Beach, they'd never get the thing built, I'm thinkin'.


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