Friday, June 02, 2006

Did I Mention I Abhor Developers?

I wanted to use a different word than "hate", since I use that one so much. Here's reason #564398 why I detest developers. Oh - and note the Italian last name of the developer. Interesting, isn't it how stereotypes are SO accurate. So let's sum this one up - we have the Mafia involved in South Florida development - I'm shocked I tell you.....shocked and dismayed. Well, not really. If there's crime and greed, then usually the scum of the earth are gathered right nearby ready to pounce - and that would include the Mafia, as well as other sundry scum. Also note the developer's lawyer, ready to defend his snow white reputation. Another type of pond scum, lawyers.

And then there's Ken Jenne himself. Of COURSE he's been doing illegal things involving - gasp - money. But why single him out? How about investigating every single politician in South Florida, from local to state. They're all doing the same thing - bending over, pants down to whoever puts the most money in their pockets. It's the South Florida way.

That's why South Florida is pretty much a very large concrete slab with some non-native, scraggly houseplants dotted around. Oh - and a few palm trees. Ya gotta have palm trees.

Personally, I'd like to see those nice straight palm trees put to good use - up politicians, lawyers and developers arses.......the palm frond part would have a nice roto-rooter effect.


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