Thursday, May 04, 2006


Woke up this AM in the middle of a dream that my husband and I were visiting some friends I haven't seen in ages - they moved away. Evidently they moved to Costa Rica, because that's where I dreamed we were visiting them. My friend's daughter was in an American ex-pat private school there and after she picked up her child, we went out to eat. I looked out the window at the Spanish style architecture and for dessert there was some kind of tart with hot tropical type fruits in it - it was good, by the way. Suddenly, I hear my husband calling me - and it's time to get up.

Oh - and before I met up with my friend, we were at some kind of place where they raise herring to feed to ducks. The guy who ran the place was Japanese, but we were in Costa Rica, in the mountains (does Costa Rica have mountains???). I looked up at the ceiling once and noticed there was a hole in the plaster through which you could see the metal grid. There were REALLY BIG rats walking around nonchalantly up there - and everyone took it in stride. After all, this is Central America, right? No problemo. The rats were the size of super-beavers. I remember thinking that if these people were comfortable with this, perhaps it really wasn't that big a problem.

Now it's up and off to work. Yesterday, I officially decided that if I don't do something about my eating and exercise habits, I'm going to die soon. So I came home after eating some tuna fish for dinner, took a shower - and proceeded to eat nothing until bed. No glass(es) of wine, (too many carbs and I'm too fond of it anyway) no snacks, nada. I brushed my teeth, took some vitamins and relaxed. About 9PM I went to bed and fell asleep, feeling virtuous rather than guilty. Today, when I get home, I should do some laundry and maybe ride my bike a bit. And also - less carbs, more protein and less food all around. I hate being fat.


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