Thursday, May 11, 2006

Florida Is Nothing If Not Armageddonish

While we hold our breaths for another potentially disastrous hurricane season, fires are wrecking what is left of the trees not downed in the past two years.

I live in South Florida, which gives one an even more intense flavor of End of World. The people here are nuts, internationally nuts - since there are more foreigners here, both legal, illegal and visiting than you can imagine. There are few trees left between the developers and the last two years of hurricanes. What's left are stick trees covered with little clumps of leaves - what looks like tons of poodle trees. Very ugly, very sad. There are murders here every day. What small amount of tropical beauty left is being covered by concrete.

There are still LOTS of tilting power poles from Wilma, homes and condos with damaged roofs, either covered by blue tarps or just falling apart openly.

And the relentless march of time continues to June 1st. No doubt, on the first day of hurricane season, the "gate" will open and there'll be something swirling around in the Atlantic looking to land somewhere in Florida. I can hardly wait.

The other evening, sitting in my backyard, which I have attempted to make into a tiny wildlife refuge (native bushes, lots of them - bird feeders, available fresh water every day), little specks of ash kept lazily swirling to the ground. The sky was dark with smoke and the air was stifling from the heat and lack of breeze. Luckily, some of the darkness was caused by some few clouds that deigned to squeeze a few measly drops of rain onto my parched property before moving on. So, as the fires burn, soon to be followed by hurricane winds and torrential rains, followed by flooding, possibly of a disastrous nature (if Lake Okeechobee dike bursts).......I'm just blogging away here feeling ever so Armageddonish.


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