Sunday, May 07, 2006

Don't Nap in the Late Afternoon

I was working on my photos at around 4:45 today, and it got so that I couldn't keep my eyes open. So, ok, I figure - nap time. I up and get into bed (I never made the bed - it's Sunday!!) and promptly fall asleep. The next thing I know, the phone rings. As I wake up, I realize the series of dreams I just had. All bad.

I'm driving with my sister at night. The road is pitch black. She puts on the high beams and I go to lock my door. I hear a crash, the car veers wildly, it is suddenly a hot afternoon and my sister is leaning over me. I've been shot in the face, and I try to remember not to pull on my nose - it might come off.

Before this, I was walking along a hot sunny road. I put down my purse to collect some flowers or something. Next scene I'm driving and an officer pulls me over. He asks me if I've lost anything and hands me my purse that someone found along route 27 (a highway in central Florida). I burst into tears when I realize what COULD have happened - everything stolen, etc.

I'm walking along and as usual, it's hot and sunny. I'm walking along a sidewalk that passes in front of 3 or 4 small entrances to apartments. These are in the middle of nowhere, so it's odd - and there are woods a little ahead after the last apartment. I realize in my dream that my parents live in the last apartment. Suddenly, I see a black snake come out of the woods and race toward me. It is incredibly fast and I can't get away fast enough. I end up dodging it and trying to step on it. It doesn't bite me and I finally get away.

Last, but not least, after I get shot, I'm miraculously fine (dreams are certainly NOT about reality!!) and I'm trying to get away. The guy who shot me is chasing me and still trying to finish me off. I throw things at him, I throw water so he'll slip on the floor. I try to throw a knife at him and he keeps trying to aim and shoot, but I keep throwing things. THEN the phone rang and I wake up.

I am NOT taking afternoon naps again anytime soon. In the back of my head is where I keep all my worries and sadnesses - and I guess some of these popped up in dreams.

I'm worried about no rain. We are dry as a bone here and the sun, it is relentless every day,all day. If we are told to limit our watering, I'll feel very bad for my thirsty bushes, as well as the birds and critters that visit our backyard.

I'm worried about my parents - my dad is 87 and my mom is 78. They are ok, but, come on - the time, it is rapidly approaching, when SOMETHING will go VERY wrong, one way or the other. This is also a great sadness.

I miss my daughter, I'm fat and I'm getting old.

There - just call me an optimist, eh? Sheesh - I SWEAR I'm never napping in the late afternoon again. Now.......maybe in the EARLY afternoon won't be so bad....


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