Friday, May 12, 2006


My sister will be visiting in 2 weeks!!  She never, and I mean never, travels.  The last time she went farther than her neighborhood radius was too many years ago to think about.  So, she's taking a plane and coming to visit me in hell Florida.   I'm excited - and I've begun to look around me with visitor's eyes.  All the things I'm used to and don't mind, come jumping out at me.  Like the fact that every once in a while, a Palmetto Bug (aka, giant roach) appears in the house somewhere.  The cats torture and kill it, but still - Northerners have no clue when it comes to bug size.  If she sees one of those, she'll keel over and I'll have to call 911.  So we're doing extra spraying around here.  We just got a new front door that eliminates some of the spaces bugs used to get into the house.  Next weekend, the French Doors replace the disgusting sliding glass doors - and more bug spaces will disappear. 

Then there's the fact that we own an older home that has only one bathroom.  Sigh.  The bane of my life.  I lived in a condo before this that had two bathrooms.  But now, only one.  With an old tub.  My husband uses this bathroom.  'Nuff said. 

Anyway - I'm looking forward to her visit - and dreading her reactions at the same time.  WIll she hate Florida?  Probably.  Will she feel sorry for me being stuck living here?  Yeah - probably.  Will I agree with her?  Yup.  Will this make me feel worse?  I'd give that a 10 in probability. 

And last but not least - my sister is coming to visit in less than two weeks - a sister I haven't seen in a few years - and I'm concentrating on stupid stuff, surface stuff.  I should be shot.  I better not say that too loud, since shooting happens a lot in South Florida, and somebody might take me up on it.

Well - whoever you are, have a WONDERFUL FRIDAY!! 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're funny. I found your blog merely by accident but couldn't help reading some of your postings.

I can only sympathize with your worries of having visitors at home. I go through the same routine every time family comes to visit. But you are right, it doesn't matter if the paint is fading or the bathroom is messy. Just enjoy being together at least for a few days.


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