Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This is dedicated to my long-suffering husband. Since my sister is visiting next week, my husband and I have mistakenly tried to disguise the fact that we live in an older home that we have not spent 24/7 fixing up. No - we have enjoyed ourselves for the past 4 years, travelling and spending whole days photographing whatever we want. In between, I've kept the place clean, and my hub has done various odd household jobs - or had them done.

First fiasco. We MUST hide the fact that my daughter left the garage/bedroom half painted. Not just any ole' half painted, but part painted black - yes, black - and part painted bright green. Not one of the areas she attempted to paint is completely finished. There are areas near the ceiling and near the floor that are not done - she painted the middle of the walls - in various places. My noble husband decided he would try to rectify the matter, even though painting is the very least of his talents. When he paints, he gets it on the ceiling, himself, the floor - and parts of Cooper City. His brother has also been banned from household painting - evidently this trait is genetic.

Second fiasco. We tried to match the green paint my daughter ran out of. It didn't go well. We ended up with a much darker green, which isn't bad, but it doesn't match the rest of the green she already painted.

At a certain point today, I said - "no more paint must touch these walls". It was so bad - the green was so dark, streaky and patchy - plus, my husband, true to his blood, had gotten paint on several surfaces where it should not have been. Especially THIS green paint.

Next - the fighting. This is a given. Stress + suddenly seeing our house from "visitor's" eyes brought on the recrimination and then the insults.

Oh stupid me, who puts the emphasis on what's important - on the WRONG important. This stuff isn't important.

So, after we yelled at each other and said mean things - he continued to clean the porch, throwing out junk we've been "storing" out there. I cleaned out various closets, and we both put the bed back down (the mattress and box spring were upright against the wall) in preparation for someone sleeping in it.

All I can say is - someday soon we will be laughing a LOT about this whole mess.


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