Friday, June 09, 2006

Hello, It's Friday

Just letting the world know that I'm not miserable EVERY day. Today is Friday, I'm getting ready for work. I should have a semi-busy day with enough projects to keep me busy, yet not nuts. Then, it's Friday afternoon.

On the negative side (you KNEW I had to put SOMETHING negative in here) - I usually have all these rosy dreams about The Weekend and all I will accomplish. I'm going to start a really serious Bible study regimen (I promise myself this pretty much every day). I'm going to weed the whole yard until the place looks gorgeous. I'm going to clean the house - and then light all the candles and plug in the Christmas lights (yes, I have Christmas lights up all year round. With a depressive personality like mine, I NEED them). Then Friday afternoon hits. I come home - the vista of all I want to accomplish is in front of me - and I sit down and fall asleep. Sometimes I actually DO some of the things I meant to. Usually I just end up cleaning and doing laundry, which seems to me SO useless because I'm just gonna do it again in a few days. It's something I want to get out of the way - restore order from chaos - before I attempt any OTHER jobs. And usually by the time I'm done cleaning and doing laundry, my back is killing me and all I want to do is sit down. Okay, you say - then you can do the Bible study. Nope. Because I'm also tired after all the cleaning and laundry - so I inevitably fall asleep.

On that note, I'm off to work, after which I'll come home and ........ enjoy my weekend, whatever I end up doing.

I think we may be buying a new fridge this weekend. Stay tuned for the excitement.

By the way - if you wonder whether I have any opinions about the news, or am I just wrapped up in my own little world....yes, I do. I hate the news. The world sucks. We're all gonna die - maybe sooner, maybe later. Them there's my opinions. Covers it all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to anyone whacko enough to read this blog. This woman is not depressed most of the time. She has a capacity to enjoy life as a small child, carefree and innocent, and full of laughter. She just doesn't blog when she is happy, as she is too busy smelling flowers, making lizards talk, giving catnip to the cats or sticking her fingers in my ears.
- The Husband

7:04 AM  

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