Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The World Is An Emptier Place

I just finished reading about Rob Smith's death. God, he was such a fighter. How about these immortal words from Grouchy Old Cripple - "He always played above his weight." The commenter who said those words should go on Rob's tombstone was right. He was one well-loved man by everyone who visited his blog. Yes, he was feisty and outspoken - so what? He was honest and you don't find that these days anywhere. He said his daddy was a Tall Dog and he always wanted to be one - I know he was one.

He has been immortalized at Day by Day cartoon, by Chris Muir. He was a Hemingway and he DID have the charm - ask any lady who met him.

What gets me is that I've never met him or spoken to him - yet, when I heard he had passed, I surprised myself by starting to cry. I understood that underneath the crusty exterior was a diamond - I loved to read about his garden and the vegetables he looked forward to eating. He got dive-bombed by mockingbirds out in his garden recently - and he admired the mother mockingbird because she was just trying to protect her babies - that's a man after my own heart. I loved to read his stories about his mother and father, and how he loved his mother. I hated to read about his cut-off relationship with his son - it was too painful.......HOW could his ex-wife deny him his son - a man's son, for God's sake.

I still can't believe I won't be able to read his blog posts anymore.....it's a very sad day.


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